Our Adventure on the Pacific Coast Highway

First, let me say that this trip was absolutely amazing and a sensory overload for the both of us. Each bend in the road offered a different awe inspiring view of the California Coastline. If we stopped every time we said, “Wow! That is beautiful,” we never would have made the entire trip up the Pacific Coast Highway.

We started our journey after a family wedding in the LA area. After renting a car, we took a short detour down the coast to Santa Monica Pier then headed north from there. Our seven day journey took us from Santa Monica up to Bull Creek and back down to San Francisco stopping at state parks, national parks, eclectic towns, common tourist traps, hikes and good eats along the way.

To make things easier for all of you, I have used the wonders of Google Maps to point out where we ate, where we stopped, where we slept and finished our trip in San Francisco. I’ve also included some of my favorite shots along the way in the gallery below. Feel free to share and comment.


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