I present to you my next woodworking project, a Rustic Wedding Anniversary Wine Box.

My cousin and his fiancé, now wife, came to me and asked for me to build a rustic wooden box for their wedding. The box needed to hold a bottle of wine and love letters to one another in which they can lock up, only to open again on their anniversary. At the ceremony they both came together locking the box with the wine and letters inside, becoming a part of an anniversary tradition for their lifetime together.

Constructing this box took some planning but after figuring out the dimensions of the largest wine bottle on the market and accommodating letter storage, it came together nicely. Red oak and poplar was used in a chevron pattern for the bottom and white pine and red oak finishes for the box itself. The bottle neck hole is adjustable and comes out if needed for future bottles and has a leather strap to keep the bottle from hitting the top.

The top of the box is designed to hold the letters securely and can store previous year’s letters for many years to come. I hand painted their names on the top and used an ink transfer method that gives the appearance of their wedding logo being aged with the wood. I used my regular finishing touches to give it a rustic appearance and added the metal embellishments.

This box of course is not for sale but if you have interest in a custom one for your upcoming wedding or someone else’s wedding, I am happy to work with you on getting one made. Take a look at the gallery below for more details on the box.

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