The holiday season has come and gone. The miles have been traveled. The food has been cooked and devoured. The baked goods have caused us all to wear our stretchy pants for the remainder of the holiday weekend. After our gifts have been wrapped and opened by loved ones, I wanted to share with you all the creative things we gifted out this year. We, Christina and I, combined our talents of graphics, crafting, baking and home brewing to create this year’s Christmas gift for our family and friends. After research of some recipes and a few test batches later, we decided on a chocolate beer cookie that would go well with the dark ale that I brewed to enjoy for this winter.

But how do we gift these to our family and friends? It seems like the Mason jar cookie mixes are all the rage but we wanted to do something different. Why not put the ingredients inside a beer bottle, cap it and wrap it with a bow? So that is exactly what we did.

We took a large beer bottle, filled it with the pre-mixed dry ingredients, capped them with the designed caps and slapped on the custom labels with the instructions on it. Then we hand painted ornaments with various snowflake designs and filled them with the chocolates and sprinkles needed for the cookies. Finally, paired it with the beer and wrapped it up with a nice bow. Placed them all together to make the gift of <em>Beery Christmas Chocolate Cookies and a homebrew of Santa’s Helper Ale.

But wait, there’s more! Christina puts together a baked treat for her coworkers every year. I had to share what she created because they tasted and looked awesome. The only thing I can take credit for are the labels that each of the boxes had but the Chocolate Mint Reindeer and White Chocolate Eggnog Snowman cake pops are all her! Don’t they look amazing?

We couldn’t be happier with the results of our homemade gifts this year and we hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday with your loved ones.

Below are a bunch of photos of the gifts for a closer look. Feel free to share this post with others!

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